BRUSA Sports Canada is a specialized U.S. university and college sports scholarship recruitment agency. As a team of ex-scholarship athletes we work from personal experience, knowledge and a passion for what we do. Our experiences in the U.S. changed our lives and we aim to help student athletes from across Canada utilize their talents while gaining a university degree.

In the U.S. there is tough competition between universities and colleges. A good sports program will contribute greatly towards attracting potential students, which is where Canadian students come in. With great academic programs, strong sports grass-root platforms and a good work ethic, U.S. schools are very interested in attracting Canadian student athletes through scholarships.

Playing sports in the U.S. pushes athletes to develop both in the classroom and on the sports field. They guiding many students into successful, professional, athletic careers while providing others with the skills and a degree to explore a variety of different careers.

As an international student you will not only gain skills on the sports field and in the classroom, but you will develop character through increased independence, humility, grit, determination and courage. You won’t be the only ‘international’ student-athlete; you’ll be joining a family of international athletes creating a worldwide network of both contacts and friends while learning about new cultures.

What We Do

Having experienced the U.S. scholarship process ourselves, we recognize the need for an innovative, student-athlete company.

We help up and coming student-athletes procure a scholarship in their sport of expertise. While a scholarship is the end goal, we know how important your preferences are. We take into account not only your sporting talents but academic goals as well as social and geographic needs.

We understand how difficult and intimidating moving can be. That is why we are there for you from the initial recruitment process through to the final good-byes at the airport and the first hello’s from your new team mates and coaches.

We’re an affiliation of agents spread across Canada, the UK and Greater Europe, Brazil, Australia and the U.S. giving us the ability to help students across multiple geographies in a variety of languages.

Next Steps…

To get more information and arrange for an initial chat, please contact us. We are always keen to chat and help out in any way we can.

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